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just remembered

I wanted to add, that I have been making greeting cards, just for fun, but wondered
if anyone would buy some????  But to somehow put them on my web site, I would
need a smart computer person to set the whole thing up for me and I haven't any
idea who to ask for help???  I also tried to get my songs on there, too bad.  Maybe I
should find a 10 year old who can do all this stuff!  HA! smile!  News about me - I
write poetry and have thus far 5 or 6 published in REAL books!  ha


Jan. 28, 2017 -  Had a nice Christmas this year.  Some friends came over and we all had
a nice time.  Starting Jan. 1, starting in on eating a lot better.  Seeking the Lord and
praying more.  (New Years Resolutions )
     Have a couple of stray cats that I have been feeding, along with the birds for winter.
Found out one of them belonged to the person across the street who left her when he
     I had some e-mails about my web page spelling.

getting back on my feet!

I have put most of my news on page 3 of my site explaining everything, so not anything new to add here.  Will probably use this more as I need page 3 to use for other things.  Check page 3 for this time of news.  July 2015

sad news

Feb. 26, 2015    I apologize once again for not having kept up with my web page.  I moved in with my mom about a year ago
to try and help her.  She then had to go to a home where they could take better care of her.  I am sad to announce that she went home to be with the Lord on Feb. 7, this year.  For those of you who knew her, she is buried up in White Oaks, NM along with my Dad who passed away in 2009.  I know they are both happy now and praising the Lord.

Christmas greetings

Just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I am starting a year where I have forgiven everyone of everything and want to start fresh with the Lord!  I appreciate all prayers that have been given for me!  That is a high form of love to take time out of your life to pray for others.  Much Love to all!

Settleing in

Have moved in with my Mom!  Still trying to unpack things and find a place to put things.  I'm now able to do my webpage!  Got a bed that will fit my room so have been sleeping better.  I would like to put my songs on my website, but don't have the know how to do it.  And I have tried several times.  HERE IS HOPING THAT YOU ALL HAVE A WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING THIS YEAR!

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just remembered
getting back on my feet!
sad news
Christmas greetings


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