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I have been feeling for several days to put this down for someone.  I don't know who, but it keeps coming to me to do it, so I wanted to be obediant.
It is about submission.  To a lot of women, that is a bad word, and I don't blame them for thinking that way.  But what I want to share is not only for wives, but also for children.  (Men have to submit to God, too.) So on with the story:  A teacher had a class of students and she told them to sit down.  One boy would not do it and she finally told him if he did not sit down, he was going to the Principal's office.  He sat down but told his teacher, I am sitting down on the outside, but I am standing up on the inside. So you see, while submission CAN BE a physical act,
real submission is
Col. 3:18 - Wives submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord.
Let's do away with a teaching from long ago that a wife was to submit to her husband no matter what he told her to do. That is an Old Testament teaching and was that way, then.  But we are under the New Testament and in it, God holds each person accountable as an individual for what they do. So that teaching is wrong!  If a husband told a wife to shoot someone, is she suppose to do it ??? NO! Ask any judge. If the husband asks a wife to do something that goes against God's word, she can be submission in her heart, but not do what he has asked. It is the same, the other way. A wife can do what the husband asked, but be bitter or angry or resentful or rebellious on the inside. 
The best way is to have a loving heart that submits on the inside as well as doing what he asks as long as it does not go against God's Word.  A person has to seek God and check their own heart as to whether they are being submis-sive or not.  Remember, God looks on the heart and He knows why you do or do not do a thing.
I Samuel 16: 7. . . for the Lord sees not as man sees; for man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart. 
One of the main things I learned in Bible School was to check your heart and see what are your motives for doing anything that you do. 
This teaching also goes for children.  Children obey your parents IN THE LORD! Ephs. 6: 1  Col. 3: 20  When it says obey your parents in all things, God is not asking you to do evil.  You have to put other scriptures together to understand that.  A child must also make sure that they are doing what the Lord wants. I think they must have a harder time than adults because they are children.  But God is faithful and will help them as they seek Him.
The conscience is the voice of your spirit, the real you on the inside.  It is also one way that the Lord leads you.  Husbands, never, never, ask your wife or children or anyone to do anything that goes against their conscience.
Children, if a group of kids comes and ask you to do something and it bothers you on the inside, don't make excuses and think it will be all right.  If it bothers you on the inside and you feel it is wrong or that you shouldn't do it, THEN DON'T DO IT.  God is trying to warn you and protect you from it.  You serve God by following your conscience.
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